NEO CONDEC Company Limited

We provide turnkey service from engineering design, material & equipment supply to contracting and installing complete electrical, plumbing and air conditioning systems that meet international standards.

Electrical systems

power supply system, lighting system, electric device installation, wiring system and electrical control systems

Plumbing system

installation and placement of plumbing conducts, sanitary system, fire prevention system, water treatment system and public utility system

Air conditioning system

installation of air conditioning systems in small accommodations to large buildings, industrial plants and clean room systems









Engineering designs

understand the demands, limitations and system usage regulations to ensure that all projects follow the standards and meet the highest purposes.

Construction structure management

completes every project with a highly experienced project management team and qualified engineers to control the quality of every procedure.

Supply materials & equipment, contract constructions and install systems

to deliver quality projects on time, our team of experienced technicians are equipped with the best quality materials and equipment.

Industrial systems maintenance and optimization

our team of specialists will help expand the potential and improve systems to be ample and suitable for usage.

Pre-construction service

1. Determine the objective and policy of the project.

2. Share opinions with the designer during the designing process. 
3. Set the project budget according to construction preparation. 
4. Inspect the construction blueprint to eliminate any related conflict.
5. Host the price auction to find a contractor.

  • Prepare and collect all related documents to find a contractor
  • Propose any name lists to find a quality contractor.
  • Coordinate with the designer to explain and answer questions regarding the blueprint.
  • Analyze the construction cost proposed by the bidder.
  • Analyze the technical proposal.
  • Conclude the prices of the bidders to determine a medium price. 
  • Host a negotiation session for the construction price along to terms and conditions for the project.
  • Prepare the list of materials, equipment, tools and machinery purchased by the project. 
  • Prepare the documents and construction contract.
  • Provide consultations and construction insurance (Construction All Risk)

Service during construction

1. Determining construction steps

  • Coordinate about handing over the area to construction.
  • Determine the duties and roles of every department within the organization.
  • Control and supervise construction to follow agreements in the construction contract.
  • Report the progress of the construction on a regular basis.
  • Suggest and improve construction methods for the greatest benefit. 
  • Coordinate with related positions for suggestions in work improvement.
  • Assess the outcome, efficiency, knowledge and ability of the contractor.
  • Coordinate with the material department supplied by the client/project owner.
  • Coordinate with governmental organizations for permission in certain actions.
  • Inspect the documents related to construction payment installments.
  • Determine the completed construction handover procedure.
  • Set an equipment testing session after the installation is completed.
  • Host an equipment/tool training session.
  • Check the As-Built Drawing for the whole construction.
  • Prepare the handover plan for the project.

2. Quality Control

  • Inspect the materials, Shop Drawing and Method Statement.
  • Direct the material testing sessions.
  • Order a halt to work if any actions that may cause damage or any damage(s) have been observed / the construction is carried out incorrectly / notices a risk towards life and assets / witnesses any actions that are illegal or conflict with governmental regulation(s).
  • Examine the installation of equipment, tools and machinery. 
  • Check and reject any work or materials that do not meet the standard(s) agreed in the construction contract.
  • Order amendments or fixings of work that is low in quality. 
  • Check the construction to be as agreed in the specifications list.

3. Time control

  • Check the main plan along to the check points.
  • Inspect the contractor’s construction work during each period.
  • Check the contractor’s manpower management plan.
  • Track the material, tool, equipment and machinery delivery plan.
  • Track the materials (supplied by owner) plan to know when they will be delivered into the construction site.

4. Budget control

  • Set the project payment plan.
  • Evaluate construction cost change (if any)
  • Inspect the contractor’s changed work documents 
  • Suggest and changes or alterations of the construction to adjust/reduce the budget.
  • Set meetings and meeting related documents.

Post-handover coordinating services

  • Check handover documents and the warranty.
  • Coordinate to perform periodic inspections within the 6 and12 month warranty.
  • Deliver the manual along to periodic maintenance.
  • Track the maintenance.
  • Refund of insurance contributions.


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